Expose Yourself – How To Write With Personality

Everyone likes a good story especially when it comes from an excellent storyteller. You know the type, that person who can engage your attention and spin a yarn so intriguing that they actually draw you in and capture your interest until the end, leaving you longing for more. It is the manner in which the story is told that makes it something worth listening to, or in this case, something worth reading.

It’s Not What They Teach You In School

Most of the writing taught in school or college advises the removal of personality traits. An informal style is often discouraged as being too colloquial. Many of us have been instructed to write in an objective or professional manner. While this type of writing is acceptable for business papers and press releases, it doesn’t attract or engage customers or even friends, for that matter.

Like A Social Butterfly – Set Your Writing Free

Loosen the chains that are holding your writing hostage and really engage your prospective reader. Be friendly, be interesting, be the person you would want to converse with. Reach out to your audience and share your personality with them. That’s what people are truly interested in.

Most Readers Have Short Attention Spans

In this busy world we live in, most people multi-task even while reading, watching tv, driving, or surfing the web. To keep your audience engaged, use a combination of long and short sentences throughout your article. When you only write long sentences, you make the story harder to comprehend and digest. If you aren’t careful your long sentences can slowly lull your reader to sleep. By interrupting the calming flow with a few short sentences you attract attention to your point. You literally wake-up the reader and make it easier for them to understand your intended message.

Loyalty Matters

People tend to be loyal to other people that they like and the same is true with business practices. Customers buy books from authors they like, they buy cars from salesmen they trust and they buy equipment and supplies from dealers who support their business. If you have a big personality don’t hide it away behind corporate speak. If people like and respect your business practices they are more likely to want to do business with you. Remember that most people would rather give their money to someone they like than someone they don’t, regardless of the price.

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9 Ideas That Will Help You Find The Right Content For Your Next Blog Post

One of the most common challenges that writers and bloggers across the world face is coming up with ideas and topics to write about. They often find it very difficult to think of an idea that would not only engage their audience, but also keep them motivated to write. Writing on the right topic is absolutely essential for bloggers to build a following. If bloggers continue to write on similar topics over and over again, their followers are likely to get bored, that will result in fewer visits, comments and shares.

Here is a list of ideas that will help bloggers to find their next topic to write on and generate more traffic:

1. Create more “How-to” post

Writing blogs with titles starting with “How to” is one of the most effective ways of attracting eyeballs. Such blogs have also fared well in Google searches. It heightens the interest among readers, especially if the post you write instructs them on solving a problem. Writers though must follow a definite pattern wherein they start by introducing the problem followed by the solution. They must elaborate each step of the solution and end it with a brief but strong conclusion.

2. Trigger a discussion among your audience

Often, you will find the next idea for your blog coming from your audience. It is, therefore, very important to keep your audience engaged by having a discussion with them through the comments that they post on your blogs. Comments from readers also help bloggers to know their take on what the bloggers write. Even the feedback given to them, prove to be very useful.

3. Review a new product

If you have a reputation among your audience as an expert in any particular field, make sure that you maintain that status. You can do this by keeping your readers informed through product reviews. Such reviews help customers get valuable information and help them make informed buying decisions. Product reviews also establish your leadership and authority in the industry. Writers need to follow a pattern when reviewing the product. After introducing the product and the producer, writers should share their likes and dislikes before giving a recommendation and providing a call to action.

4. Compile and write on a set of lists

A blog with a title starting, for example, with a top -10 list is a sure shot way to grab more readers as people love such lists and they at least take a look more often than not. Numbered lists are popular for a very long time. Such lists acts as the perfect source for readers as they get information assembled together in one place. However, writers must ensure that they describe each point in the list in detail as readers often drift away if such lists provide only half-baked information.

5. Turn answers to commonly asked questions into blogs

Businesses across verticals have a set of questions from customers that are asked quite frequently. Instead of employees answering such questions each time they are asked, it is easier for bloggers to turn the answers into blog topics. Such blogs reiterates your status as an expert and saves time. Writing blogs based on Frequently Asked Questions may also lead to increase in sales in the future.

6. Include infographics to your blog

Blogs that include visuals are viewed and shared more than the blogs that only contains textual information. Infographics are one way of grabbing more eyeballs and is three times more effective than any other form of content. So, bloggers must ensure that they take the help of a graphic designer who specializes in designing infographics. An infographic may come at a huge cost, but it ensures that your blog continues to remain popular among readers.

7. Write a case study in the form of a blog

A case study is the ideal way to convey the utility of your product. It explains everything about a particular product in brief and how it helped your clients in solving their challenges. However, bloggers must ensure that they write case-study based blogs in such a way that it doesn’t come off as pure marketing. You can make it trustworthy by including a testimonial from the client as it gives the blog a lot of credibility among new readers.

8. Write an opinion post

The tone normally used in a blog-post that has been written after thorough research, differs significantly from a blog where the writer has expressed his opinion on a particular subject. To attract more readers, it is important for writers to write blogs where they express a strong opinion on a topic because the more vocal your position, the more it is going to get read. Bloggers can choose any big issue or a popular topic and express your take on it. Writing such opinionated blogs results in stronger search potential. Bloggers must be careful as constantly ranting about a specific issue can become repulsive. They also must refrain from criticizing individuals as that may attract negative comments.

9. Include an interview

If you are an expert in a particular domain, make sure to interview leaders in that domain. You will get a lot of views and gain a lot of respect from your readers. Interviews are exclusive and brings information that no one will be able to find anywhere else.

As it is quite clear from this list, there are a number of options for bloggers to find content for their next super hit post. The more variety of content writers use, the more commanding their content marketing efforts become. Content, irrespective of the form, speaks to its readers. The readers, in turn, convert, learn and share the content that increases the readership even more. Experts use such types of blog-posts to get inspiration. So, whenever you decide to write a blog for your next post refer this list as you should not have any more trouble coming up with engaging ideas.

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When Writing, Let Content Be Your Branding

The issue of branding, marketing, self-promotion can put an additional pressure in any creative work. For many is still a dilemma: do we follow the mainstream market currents and compromise our creative integrity or we follow our creative dream – even if it’s not reliable source of income?

With the rise of digital era and social media, the expansion of creative entrepreneurs is still on the growing rate. And especially if you are a writer, because what ever you write – being that related to your work or not – it sends the message out to the world who you are; what are your values; what do you strive for. With every word we write we literally paint an image about ourselves.

So in a way we can treat our writing as a branding tool. Our writing should communicate our creative vision, in accordance with our professional credibility. In time, it might be hard, to achieve the level of objectivity we desire, but with focus on intentional writing, having aligned our purpose and values, our writing will more reflect of who we are, and how we want to be perceived by the world around us.

Writing (not just as an act of writing), but about our creative endeavors, sharing our creative vision – doesn’t necessarily has to be seen as a try to convince someone into something or selling anything, but rather as a creating an experience where we can share our talents at broader scope; building a firm foundation for a contribution we can make with our work. It’s a natural way of attracting like-minded people and fostering community.

I believe that expressing creative action in any way that will find its course to the hearts of people who want to engage in that kind of experience, doesn’t have to be seen as crude, soulless marketing. Actually, once you create something and let it be seen by the public-it takes the life of its own: to inspire and motivate someone else, to bring enjoyment, purpose or improve someone’s life. That’s the moment when the loop of creativity cycle is closed and it becomes the source of something more beautiful: world can benefit from fruits of your work.

Following some of the rules of poetic expression can be very helpful. Using the words that have a rhythm can amplify your message to the level it resonates with your audience; to become more memorable and make that human connection we need in sharing our creativity. They say: “Content is the king” – then how you present is its throne: how you say something is as important as what you say. It’s a basic a foundation on which you will further build your message to be embraced by your readers. “Wooden” language, with no emotion, no personal perspective, “flat” narrative without promise of adventure and surprise cannot cut through the noise of ordinary information into the hearts and minds of target audiences.

What constitutes good writing? A content, but also concise and well organized information, wrapped in your unique writing style. Now, unmerciful editing will get us closer to more understandable information, but the style is what one remembers. Enriching our writing with poetic tones can add that distinctive melody to our writing. And I’m not talking about metaphors and adorning your writing with useless attributes: I’m talking about the structure, rhythm and balance, skillful art of the phrasing right. It can give the strength to your writing, expressing your creative outlet in right way – the way it will stuck to the hearts and minds of your audience. That’s why I stress out the importance of what you write to read out loud. If you are ensured that what you wrote communicates your personality, in comprehensive manner, then it will have the desired impact. Words are magic, as poet William Stafford says in the poem below – use it to your own advantage.

How These Words Happened by William Stafford

In winter, in the dark hours, when others
were asleep, I found these words and put them
together by their appetites and respect for
each other. In stillness, they jostled. They traded
meaning while pretending to have only one.

Monstrous alliances never dreamed of before
began. Sometimes they last. Never again
do they separate in this world. They die
together. They have a fidelity that no
purpose or pretense can ever break.

And all of this happens like magic to the words
in those dark hours when others sleep.

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